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Conference - Technical Session

Topics to expect in the conference sessions.

A Green Hydrogen Economy for India

EU hydrogen policy Hydrogen as an energy carrier for a climate-neutral economy

Initiatives from around the world on Green Hydrogen

End-User perception on usage of hydrogen 

European Green Deal (EGD) - climate-neutral by 2050

Legal metrology requirements (OIML R140, OIML R137)

Evaluation of measurement uncertainty 

Measurement standards and methods to enable traceable validation of hydrogen gas quality (ISO 14687)

Measurement standards to enable calibration and validation of equipment under actual conditions 

Calibration and measurement methods to support reliable, traceable, and accurate measurements (flow metering, gas quality, leak)

Hydrogen and Renewable fuels application in various sectors

Developing economy and Transportation - Commercial vehicles / mass transportation

Power Generation and Aviation

Shipping Sector and propulsion requirements

Space industry and applications

Methods on measuring hydrogen and renewable fuels physico-chemical properties

Accurate measurement of hydrogen purity and impurities

Suitable materials for H2 storage at temperatures down to liquefied nitrogen

Metrological and thermodynamic issues in  underground hydrogen storages

Cross-functional analysis of hydrogen productions from renewables

Safe storage, use, and handling of hydrogen and renewable fuels in the workplace

Safe transportation of hydrogen in commerce

National standards on hydrogen and renewable fuels 

Hydrogen and renewable fuels technologies specific fire codes and standards

Hydrogen and renewable fuels technologies component, performance, and installation standards

Detailed kinetic mechanism development for hydrogen and renewable fuels

Theoretical calculations to support accurate kinetic mechanisms

Experimental work on fundamental reactors 

Diagnostics to study evolution of chemical process during / after combustion of fuel

Coupling of kinetic mechanisms and CFD for different applications 


Sea Water Splitting for generation of hydrogen

Ammonia based hydrogen storage

Electrochemical and Photoelectrochemical Synthesis of Ammonia

New materials for catalysis and electrocatalysis

Solar and Wind Energy for production of Hydrogen and Renewable Fuels

Efficiency and Utilization of Solar and Wind Energy

Life-cycle analysis of photovoltaic systems and wind farms, safety, and sustainability

Impact of Quality Infrastructure of Solar and wind farms on energy production

Policy initiatives from various countries in the solar belt - Worldwide perspectives